Valley Advancement

Life to Eagle Presentation

The Valley District Advancement Committee gives a "Life to Eagle" presentation at the Valley Roundatble meeting in May. This meeting is held at the Fishersville United Methodist Church, and begins at 7 pm.  The committee is also available to give the presentation to your Troop upon request. Contact Jerry Sheffer to schedule.

The committee will go over a checklist that guides the Scout through the Eagle Scout Process. It is encouraged for all Life Scouts and their parents/guardians to attend.

Eagle Project Workbook

Use this link to download the latest copy of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. On that page, you should right click on the link and save the workbook to disk. 

Eagle Project Approval

Before you begin work on your Eagle Scout Service Project, you must complete the Project Proposal section in the workbook and have it approved by the beneficiary, your unit leader, your unit committee, and the District representative. Contact Jerry Sheffer to arrange your Eagle Project Approval meeting.

Eagle Board of Review

Use this link to download the most recent version of the Eagle Rank Application.

After the application is complete, the unit can request an Eagle board of review. A district representative must sit on the board. A unit leader, preferably the adult who will chair the board of review, should contact Jerry Sheffer to arrange the Eagle board of review. 

Make two (2) copies of your Project Workbook in addition to the original, including copies of your Life Ambition Statement and copies of your Eagle Scout Rank Application.  Bring these to the Board of Review, as well as your Scout Handbook with the Eagle rank filled out ready for final signatures.  Wear your Class A uniform with the Merit Badge sash.  Do NOT wear an OA sash.