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Scouting Programs for Boys and Girls


  • Cub Scouts: Grades K - 5 (5 - 10 years old)
  • Scouts, BSA: Grades 6 - 12 (11 - 17 years old)
  • Venturing: 14 - 20 years old
  • Sea Scouting: 14 - 20 years old


Learning by doing is a hallmark of outdoor education. Unit meetings offer information and knowledge used on outdoor adventures. A leader may describe and demonstrate a Scouting skill at a meeting, but the way Scouts truly learn an outdoor skill is to do it themselves on a unit outing.

Scouting uses the patrol method to teach skills and values. Scouts elect their own patrol leader, and they learn quickly that by working together and sharing duties, the patrol can accomplish far more than any of its members could do alone. The patrol succeeds when every member of the patrol succeeds, and Scouts learn that good teamwork is the key to success.

Health and wellness is part of the outdoor experience. As Scouts hike, paddle, climb, bike, or ride, their muscles become toned and their aerobic capacity increases. When they work as a patrol to plan menus for their outings, they learn to purchase cost-effective ingredients to prepare flavorful and nutritious meals.

Service to others and good citizenship is learned through such outdoor activities as conservation projects, collecting food, building trails and shelters, and conducting community service projects that promote healthy living. Through helping other people, Scouts learn to appreciate how they can share themselves and their blessings to those in need. By giving service to benefit others, Scouts gain a sense of personal satisfaction.

District Membership Chairs

Monticello District: Jason Jennings

Southern District: Quentin Peach

Valley District: VACANT

Massanutten District: Keith Dean

National Recruitment Resources

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Program Specific Membership Resources

Cub Scouts 

Join Scout Night Boxes were handed out at August Round Tables with the printed materials below and included: Foam rockets, stickers, posters, yard signs and Scout Shop promotions. For information on how to get your Pack's box contact your local membership chair. 

August 12, 2021 JSN Orientation via Youtube

2021 JSN Orientation Slides

July 30th, 2020 JSN Orientation via Youtube

How to update your BeAScout Pin!

2022 Join Scout Night Guidebook

Cub Scout Leader Resources

Pack Join Scout Night 2021 Presentation

Cub Scout Leader Descriptions

New Pack Parent Questionaire

New Pack Parent Helper

Bobcat paper folding game

Peer to Peer Recruitment Cards

Scouts, BSA

Troop Year Round Recruitment Guide

Troop Open House Presentation


Ventruing Recruitment Guide

Crew Open House Presentation

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