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The availability of resources has a significant effect upon our youth’s Scouting experience, and the lack of unit level resources can, at times, prevent Scouts from obtaining merit badges, from the lasting, exciting memories of outdoor activities, including High Adventure trips, and from fully tapping the depth of learning and character building that Scouting has to offer.  Because we are a unit-based organization, troops draw almost exclusively on parents of Scouts in that particular unit for merit badge counseling, and for adult leaders to organize, and accompany Scouts on camping and High Adventure trips.  Without adult volunteers, some Scouts have fewer opportunities than others.  SJAC levels the playing field by providing cross council resources.


These SJAC level resources are essentially adult leaders who may or may not have a child in the Scouting program, but who are willing to devote their time to the youth in our council.  They may or may not be physically located within the geographic region of the SJAC, but have a commitment to making the Scouting experience as complete as possible for every Scout in our council.  SJAC has identified a few such leaders, and has now embarked upon a formal effort to add many more to this group. Units will be able to call upon these resources when its own parents are unable to provide adults to accompany Scouts on camping or High Adventure trips, and units or Scouts will be able to directly contact a list of merit badge counselors that will ultimately cover all of the merit badges that Scouting has to offer. Each adult leader will be youth protection trained and registered.


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Pete Fenlon, Council President               Joe Reisinger, Council Commissioner


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