Apple Harvest 5k Trail Run and Ruck


"One of the Largest Youth Trail Runs in Central Virginia"!


Given the challenges by COVID-19, this year out event will be virtual. By supporting this race through donation or participatoin, you help our area Scouts!

Registration will be open through October 1st and you will be able to run any time between Oct. 3rd and Oct. 19th. Runners can create and are encouraged to get sponsors to support them and our Scouts.







GORUCK partnered with our Apple Harvest Fest in 2019 to bring rucking to the 5K. What is rucking? Rucking is the foundation of Special Forces training and is as simple as walking with some weight in a backpack. If you're a Scout, you've rucked, so show your stuff and add a new challenge to your 5K this year by wearing a ruck/backpack.

Also known as foot marching, ruck marching, but usually just plain "rucking" is very effective. It sounds simple, but it can burn up to two times the number of calories when compared to an unweighted walk. What's more, it can benefit your posture and back strength. It's common to use weight plates or other compact items for the necessary weight. You can carry your own back pack and use any type of weight or purchase a rucksack. Please do not discard equipment on the course as it is considered Foreign Object Debris (FOD). All Ruck finishers are timed and will receive a special patch.

All proceeds from this event will be utilized to assist youth and their families in our community to allow them to participate in the local scouting programs.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, or if you have questions regarding the race, please contact the Race Coordinator at

A big THANK YOU to all of our sponsors!!!